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With TraderNova you can learn Institutional Trading, open accounts, and get the best offers in the best Forex brokers, Make money from Forex trading signals with artificial intelligence and download any indicator or expert advisor you need.

Make Money Trading Forex with TraderNova 2022

Who we are

Make Money Trading Forex

TraderNova started its activity in 2012 in the Forex market with the sole purpose of making a lot of money! At first, our activity was only as a trading team, but later the team expanded, and a handful of traders, programmers, and artificial intelligence specialists were added to the team and we started to provide trading services for the good. First, by preparing a list of the best Forex brokers for beginners, we tried to improve the quality of Forex trading around the world so that everyone can invest and trade in Forex easily and more safely. Then, with the development of the website in 2016, in addition to introducing the best Forex brokers and also providing investment consulting services, we provided Forex trading signals along with Forex academy so that you can Earn While You Learn!

Is it possible to make money trading forex in 2022?

It surely is getting more difficult as trading algorithms and AI advances day by day, though it’s still possible to make a decent amount of money in the year 2022. In trading like every other career in the world today, everyone’s result is widely affected by their intelligence, perseverance, focus and time management. It only makes sense that a very small number of Forex traders are making millions of dollars each and every month, and the majority of them are hustling to keep their money in their accounts or else losing it all together, over and over again.

Don’t Trade!
Ai Robot will work for you

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Contrary to common belief, It takes more effort and smart decision-making to make money trading Forex, than investing a large amount of capital. Trading Forex is very challenging but once you grasp to the right mentality, it becomes the sweetest and most addictive part of your life!

You might have heard more than 78% of retail traders lose their invested capital in the first month. Why do you think that is? Misinformation and miseducation

That’s right! There are literally millions of hours of worthless trading courses on the web and a lot more useless lagging indicators and fake gurus online that makes it near impossible to find something that works in the market and actually makes you money.

What we do

Does TraderNova help me make money trading Forex?

The first step is to make a firm decision to spend part of your daily time doing this. You shouldn’t expect to make any kind of money in Forex if you are not willing to spend at least 2 to 3 hours per day analyzing charts, journaling your trades, etc. For example, most people who earn a few thousand dollars a month on TraderNova, spend at least three hours of their daily time doing this. In the next step, you should dedicate a few months from the beginning of your path to training, practice, and try to learn all the necessities of financial markets, and if possible, get acquainted with the Cryptocurrency market and be able to use different types of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

How does TraderNova help me trade Forex?

TraderNova is with you from the beginning to the end. We will help you find the best Forex broker and open an account, introduce you to different indicators and expert advisors (just a reminder, you won’t be able to make money with them!), Provide you with the basics of financial markets, teach you how to look at the market like institutional traders (banks and international financial institutions, market makers, etc.) and find trading setups with a high probability of success and last but not least, we provide Forex signals so that while learning, you can earn money from Forex at a reasonable price so that you don’t feel left behind!