EURUSD november 23th 2018 technical analysis

  • EURUSD november 23th 2018 technical analysis

    Yesterday, the euro strengthened by 0.14% against the US dollar and ended the trading day at over $ 1.4bn. On top of $ 1.14, two resistance line lines are plotted from 1.1550 and 1.1621 and key resistance is 1. 1456. This range should be at the forefront of the attention given to the adjustment with a daily resistance of 1,1455 and two Fibonacci resistance of 38.2% and 61.8%. Under $ 1.14 is the support of 1.1372, whose failure could pave the EURUSD downtrend until the November rebound of 1.1314 and 1.13.

    From the weekly chart of the EURUSD, the current currencies of the market are between the resistance line curve drawn from the peak of 1 2476 and the demand zone of 1.212-1.1.119. Both areas have the same power.

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    Price action strategy

    The two lines of the 4 h resistance process that match the four-hour key resistance (yellow range) are the best place to enter the EURUSD sales deal. Daily resistance supports this range. Venture-traders can enter EURUSD for around $ 1,450 and put the loss on top of the high of Tuesday’s 1 January 1472. Conservative traders can wait for a sales signal in the four or four hour graphs.

    EURUSD november 23th 2018 technical analysis

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