Eurusd october 10th 2018 analysis

eurusd price action analysis

Eurusd october 10th 2018 analysis

In yesterday’s report below the $ 1.15 target below, it was a good place to enter the EURUSD sales deal. The main reason for this bid was the EURUSD weekly chart. The EURUSD weekly chart can go down to the region of demand at 1.1445-1.1312. Meanwhile, the lower end of the daily support area was suppressed several times in 1,583-1.1797. Early in yesterday’s trading in Europe, the EURUSD’s four-week charts hit $ 1.15 a barrel and fell to $ 1,1432 a barrel at the bottom. However, the EURUSD could not handle the 1 4 1423-1.994 quarterly demand.

Price action strategy

As expected, the weekly demand zone has been able to support the market and raise the EURUSD to over $1.5bn. Meanwhile, on the EURUSD daily chart, the bullish pinnacle has been well recorded. Given that the weekly demand zone is activated, it is possible to expect EURUSD buyers to enter the market. However, there are many resistances on the EURUSD daily and quarterly charts. Failure of $ 1.15 could push the market to a key resistance of $ 1.41543, which is slightly offset by a quarterly resistance area of ​​1.51580-11563. However, before reaching this range, buyers should pay a daily resistance of $ 1,51530. Accordingly, although buyers have entered the weekly demand zone, it is recommended that they run at a premium of $ 1.15 cautiously.


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