Eurusd october 25th 2018 analysis

eurusd october 25th 2018 analysis

  • Eurusd october 25th 2018 analysis

    Yesterday EURUSD fell by 68% in response to concerns from Italy’s 2019 budget. From a long-term perspective, the EURUSD weekly chart looks for new buyers from the weekly demand range of 1,1445-1. 1312. The failure of this support could lead to a sharp fall in EURUSD to the weekly demand zone at 1.212-1.1.119. On the EURUSD daily chart, support for 1.1462, which is back in early 2015, was broken yesterday and has now become a resistance. According to the EURUSD daily chart, the downside of the market has been paved to the bottom of the August 15th in the 1301 and support of 1.285.
    On the EURUSD chart for the four-hour charts, several key support shattered yesterday’s wave of downtrend, with the biggest support cut at $ 1.14, which the market is currently facing as a resistance. If the $ 1.14 bid holds resistance, support of $ 1,1366 will be the next target of EURUSD.

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    Price action strategy

    Today, the EURUSD sales deal can be thought of at $ 1.14 a while, however, it should be noted that the EURUSD daily chart is in the back of this range and the EURUSD weekly chart is still in demand. If $ 1.14 could not keep up with EURUSD’s upside, the next resistance market will be at 1.1432 and the channel’s resistance will be from the peak of 1.1621. If you are looking to enter the EURUSD sale from 1 14 and 1 1432, it is recommended that you wait for the EURUSD downhill quadrant to arrive before entering the sales deal.

    eurusd october 25th 2018 analysis

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