Eurusd october 5th 2018 analysis

eurusd price action analysis

Eurusd october 5th 2018 analysis

The EURUSD price movements on Thursday indicate that the euro has jumped from 1 777 and peaked at 1 June 1542. The uptrend has been able to stop the six-day downtrend. The EURUSD recent price movements can hold a quarterly chart to the resistance level of 15,1580-1,1563, the September reopening rate at 1,595 and the Rand rate of $ 16.17. Most importantly, the EURUSD has recently returned to above $ 1.15, and has responded to yesterday’s trading in 1.15.
The area of ​​support for the day 1 1583-1. 1479 has also been able to maintain its position. Although the EURUSD can move to higher levels, it should be remembered that the EURUSD could fall to the weekly average of 1,1445-1.1312 in the weekly chart.

Price action strategy

The EURUSD rebound to $ 1.15 represents the power of buyers on the market. In addition to the 4-hour Kendall trail seen in 1 1542 (green line), it has been able to activate the euro sales orders in the 1.4-degree resistance zone at 1.515-1.1563. As a result, a bullish path for buyers will be paved. If you are looking for an EURUSD purchase from current levels, you can enter the EURUSD purchase by placing the loss below 1,1492.

EURUSD price action analysis october 5th 2018


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