Eurusd october 8th 2018 analysis

eurusd price action analysis

Eurusd october 8th 2018 analysis

On the EURUSD daily chart, the floor of the supermarket has broken 1.1583-1.1479, however, it still has a supportive effect on the market. On Thursday, EURUSD triggered a strong uptrend, but on Friday, the market closed with Kundel Dodgey in the resistance at $ 1,530.
On the EURUSD chart of the quarterly chart, on Friday, the euro fell to 1,1483 in response to US employment data. However, the move was temporary and the pair could reach the peak of January 1, 1549. The percentage is at $ 1,563.

Price action strategy

From a long-term perspective, the weekly chart can reach the demand area of ​​1.14545-1.1312. However, on the daily chart, the buyers and sellers’ battle at the bottom of the support zone is 1,1583-1. 1479 and resistance is 1, 1530 dollars. From a short-term perspective, the EURUSD’s four-hour charts towards the resistance zone of 15,1580-1,1563 are indicative. The EURUSD closing deal can be placed at over 1 1582.

eurusd october 8th analysis


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