Eurusd october 9th 2018 analysis

eurusd price action analysis

  • Eurusd october 9th 2018 analysis

    EURUSD collapsed yesterday to $ 1,460. Although the pair has reached the lowest levels since August, we still saw a bullish return on EURUSD. As the market could return to $ 1.5bn. As the market recently fell to the bottom of the price for several months, a rebound of $ 1.15 could attract the attention of traders.
    From a long-term perspective, the EURUSD weekly chart has been able to reach the demand region of 1.14545-1.1312. However, the daily EURUSD chart is caught between the support zone of 1.5153-1.1479 and local resistance at $ 1.530. The bottom of the daily support area has been under pressure for several times. As a result, the failure of this range could push the EURUSD to the weekly demand level at 1,1445-1.1312, while a definitive breakdown of $ 1,1530 could bring the EURUSD to $ 1,1723.

    Price action strategy

    The EURUSD is currently trading below $ 1.15. A quarterly downtrend of the $ 1.5 bailout can lower the EURUSD, especially with a new four-hour floor. Based on this, it is recommended that you follow the EURUSD sale of $ 1.15 and apply the upper half of the weekly demand end to 1445.

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