Extreme fx profit expert advisor MT4

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    Introduction and user manual of Extreme Fx profit

    Extreme Fx profit2-Whenever there is profitable trade detected, it will automatically pop-up an Order Window for you to enter the trade. Target profit & stop loss are automatically set for you.
    -Easy-to-setup automated Buy/Sell arrow indicators on your trading chart
    -Over 90% winning accuracy (proven live-trading record)

    -No trading experience required

    -Works on all MT4 platforms

    -Works with all major currency pairs

    -Works 24 hours at anytime of the day/night

    -Works on ALL timeframes (recommended timeframes are 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour) so that you can makemuch more profit within a much shorter time)

    -You can choose if you want to enter the trade or not (flexibility for seasoned traders)

    -I also include a powerful step-by-step video in showing you how to maximize your profit with this trading system.

    -The system is engineered by an elite team using proprietary Trading strategies backed up with 2 decades of trading experience.

    Download expert advisor: extreme fx profit indicator and EA

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