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    FiboGroup was founded in 1998, the company is regulated by The Financial Services Commission (FSC). They are one of the oldest brokers which provide marginal internet trading to their customers. You can trade forex, stocks, commodities and other with them. Their activities is to protect the interests of their customers with high security of their accounts and payments.

    They have high international standards and are under the control of many national regulators. They have a lot of history behind them, so you can trust them.

    Unique features of trading with Fibo-Group

    The most salient feature of FIBO is the incredibly diverse and rich automated trading package that comes bundled with the trading software itself. Forex trading APIs and advanced strategies that sell for hundreds of dollars in the market are being offered for free by the broker for the simple cost of trading Forex; you only pay the spreads for trading and no additional costs for the advanced and professional auto-trading tools that you’re provided with.

    The automated-trading package includes the popular PAMM Account system as well as an advanced array of various APIs that allow you to devise your own forex automation solutions from scratch. This is a unique advantage available with no other company in the forex world as of the time this review was being created.

    Trading software

    cTrader platform provides access to trading on forex markets using the NDD (No Dealing Desk) technology for professional traders and for newbies as well. It allows users to trade with the international banks directly, avoiding any intermediaries. The average speed of the order execution is less than one millisecond, which grants users with the opportunity to make transactions at the exact moment with the minimum slippage.

    Also, this becomes possible due to the cloud technology and placing servers on one platform with the majority of quotes aggregators and liquidity providers.

    In addition to cTrade, the company provides Metatrader4 and Metatrader5 to their clients. Meta Trader 5 has a new trading system, a distributed architecture, high productivity and flexibility. MetaTrader 5 platform fully corresponds with the latest international practices of online trading via the NDD (No Dealing Desk) technology. Characteristic features of the NDD technology from FIBO Group are a high speed execution of orders, fixed floating spreads and the commission in the amount of $ 20 per million. In addition, the number of digits after the decimal point has increased from 4 to 5.

    Deposits and Withdrawals

    FIBO Group offers fast and flexible deposit options. You can deposit and withdraw with different types of payments options such as Neteller, Wire Transfer, Visa, Payoneer, Webmoney, Okpay, Fasapay and many other.


    The company is listed also in British Virgin Islands, Republic of Cyprus and Australia, so you can be sure that they will never lie you for anything.The trading conditions is very good, because you can open your account in four different types with different conditions.

    The minimum deposit for MetaTrader 4 NDD is only $50, the maximum leverage can be up to 1:400. For the other account types the minimum deposit is $300 with maximum leverage up to 1:200. Each account type have advantages depends on what customers want.


    FIBO group stands out among other brokers in more than one respect. If a trader emphasizes safety above everything else, this regulated and authorized broker located in a European country, operating as a part of an international financial group with billions of dollars in market capitalization will clearly make an outstanding choice. With its incredible wealth of automated trading solutions, FIBO group is an unusually well-suited option for the advanced, sophisticated professional who needs more than the simplicity offered by a trading platform created for beginners. The beginner himself or herself will probably be delighted with the friendly and accessible customer support staff, the intuitive and easy-to-grasp interface of the broker and relatively small initial deposit requirement. In other words, the broker shines in every aspect and is very well-suited to traders of different backgrounds.

    On top of all that, you can try the broker and form your own opinion by registering an account now and beginning to use the platform with $100,000 demo account. It is of course risk free yet fully functional and we believe that the prospective trader will be more than impressed by the unique flexibility that distinguishes FIBO group from all its competitors. Of course, no two brokers are the same and it may be the case that you’ll eventually settle on another firm with a more basic offering and perhaps a smaller initial deposit requirement. But FIBO group is definitely worth giving it a try.

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