po3wefxrsw1mutoForex Rebate Program

A rebate plan is a cash-back deal which can save you a great deal of money when trading Forex. For professional traders, a good Forex Rebate is a “must” when they decide to open a new Forex account. If you join our trading rebate plan, you get a cash-back each time you execute a trade. That means that each time you open and close a position, you gain back an amount of cash. This cash rebate is paid at the end of each month. Depending on the Forex Broker you choose, your cash rebate can be paid directly from your broker or from us (ForexReviewGroup).

80% of the traders connected to IBs around the world, are not receiving the cashback rebate. We want to change that!

Is your Trading Rebate Plan offered for Free?

Yes, it is 100% free, as we don’t make money from traders. Also keep in mind that we partner only with the best Forex Brokers around the world and therefore we may provide a wide range of brokerage options to traders.

What is ForexReviewGroup’s incentive to offer a Free Service?

When you open a new trading account on a Forex Broker through us we earn a commission from your broker for each time you make a trade. There is no charge and no spread change for you. We ensure 100% that you are not charged in any way (directly or indirectly). It is the same as you had opened an account directly with this broker. The only difference is that when you open an account through us you get extra cash for each trade. It’s a Win-2-Win deal for both traders and ForexReviewGroup.

We offer 30USD of cashback rebate, per 10 lots of trading volume.

*If your monthly trading turnover is more than 150 lots, contact us to receive more rebates!

What should I do next to join your Rebate Forex Plan?

1) First, you just have to make a claim by sending us an email: »contact us

2) As we will explain briefly later, when filling the Application Form you must state that your IB is us.

3) That’s all, now you can begin trading and receiving your monthly cash-rebates.


Read these two Cases and save some time

Case-1: You have already picked a Broker and just want the best deal.

In this case send an email telling us:

1) The Forex Broker’s name

2) Your Basic Personal details (name, email)

3) Define if it is your first time on this broker

Case-2: You are searching for the best deal from all Forex Brokers.

In this case send an email telling us:

1) Your personal details (name, email)

2) Your experience (in years)

3) Your trading preferences –If any (ECN / STP, Min Leverage, MT4, Expert Advisors, Scalping Allowance and etc)