Fx Math expert advisor MT4

FxMath Expert Advisor2

Introduction and how to use the Fx Math EA

FxMath Expert Advisor1This EA designed for using for EURUSD pair and TimeFrame: H1.
You can try this EA for other pairs or TFs with your risk.
Money Management Parameters :
here you can set up simple but powerful money management – risking fixed percentage of your account on every trade.

UseMoneyManagement :
set to true if you want to use money management, set to false to use fixed number of lots defined in Lots.

Lots :
number of lots to be used if money management is not used

LotsDecimals :
decimal places for lots – depending on your broker, usually 1 or 2. If your broker supports microlots then use 2, if he doesn’t then use 1.

RiskInPercent :
if money management is active, set how big % of the available capital should be risked per each trade. Standard values are from 1 – 5. RiskInPercent is used only if UseFixedMoney = false

Maximum Lots :
maximum lots the EA would trade – as a protection for mistake in MM

UseFixedMoney  :
if set to true, money management will use fixed amount of money for every trade (specified in RiskInMoney parameter). RiskInPercent is then ignored.
Setting this to true corresponds to selecting Fixed amount MM in StrategyQuant. To use this, UseMoneyManagement must be also set to true.

Download expert advisor: FxMath expert advisor


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