Gbpusd october 10th 2018 analysis

gbpusd price action analysis

  • Gbpusd october 10th 2018 analysis

    The GBPUSD’s four-hour charts climbed to a record high of 1.3031 in October, defeating $ 1.31 and rebounding from 1.3117 to 1.3150. The recent movements in the GBPUSD chart of the GBPUSD show continued upside movements, and GBPUSD could reach $ 1.32, especially the quarterly redshift of 1,318.1-1.393. This range includes the 78.6% Fibonacci resistance at 1.3218, the four-hour key resistance at 1.3215, the Rand rate of 1.32 and the four-hour key resistance at 3193.1. Additionally, this 4-degree range is located right at the top of the daily supply area at 31,3217-1.3138.

    Price action strategy

    Today, GBPUSD could be trading in two areas.
    A rebound in the range of 1-3117-1. 31 could bring the GBPUSD currency pair to a quarterly range of 1,3218-1. 3193. The weekly chart supports both bullish movements and the uptrend path of the weekly chart to the supply range of 1.3472-1.3295. GBPUSD buyers should note that the daily supply range of 1.3217-1.3138 may also be troublesome for them.
    However, the four-hour redshift range at 1.3218-1.3193 before the weekly supply period is 1.3472-1.3295, but could lead to a GBPUSD downtrend. It is recommended that you wait until the GBPUSD deal arrives before the price signals arrive.

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