Gbpusd october 11th 2018 analysis

gbpusd price action analysis

Gbpusd october 11th 2018 analysis

On Wednesday, we saw a strong pound of British pound against competitors. Good news from the BREXIT talks supports GBPUSD. GBPUSD yesterday hit $ 1.3bn at $ 1.32bn unlocked in August. This range is the best place to enter the GBPUSD sales deal because of the good fit with the 78.6% Fibonacci resistance at 1.3218, the key resistance at 1.3215, the Rand rate of 1.32, and the four-hour key resistance at 3193.1. Is. In addition, it should be noted that this red-hot range is located at the upper end of the supply area of ​​1.3217-1.3138 daily. However, the weekly chart does not support the GBPUSD sales deal. In fact, GBPUSD’s weekly chart is up to the 1.3472-1.3395 supply range.

Price action strategy

Given that vendors and buyers are in the quarantine range within the four-hour sales range, it is recommended that you wait for a 4-dollar downtrend before you enter the GBPUSD sales deal. A bearish downtrend penny or a bearish collar can be the best signal to enter a GBPUSD sales deal. The first trading profit margin for GBPUSD is the August rebound of 1.3117.

Gbpusd october 11th 2018 analysis


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