Gbpusd october 12th 2018 analysis

gbpusd price action analysis

Gbpusd october 12th 2018 analysis

Although investors are optimistic about BREXIT’s future, the EU yesterday announced that we have not yet reached an agreement. The recent GBPUSD chart of $ 1.32 and support was $ 1,3133, and the RSI indicator is also in saturation. At the top of this range, the 4 hrs supply range is at 1,3276-1. 3264, which is a little distant from $ 1.33. Also below the $ 1.33 lower end of the weekly supply zone is at 1.3295. If the GBPUSD drops from 1.33, it will face a daily key resistance of $ 1.3315. As can be seen, the 1.33 rate includes a lot of key resistance.

Price action strategy

All three time horizons indicate GBPUSD bullish GBPUSD upwards of at least 1,432.71 to 3264 quadrants. However, logging into the transaction from current levels from the perspective of the risk ratio to Rivard is not logical. However, if GBPUSD collapses in the support range from 1.32 to 1.3193 and makes up a quarter-odd or one-hour curtain, GBPUSD can be traded.

Gbpusd october 12th 2018 analysis


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