Gold october 17th 2018 analysis

Gold october 17th 2018 analysis

  • Gold october 17th 2018 analysis

    In yesterday’s trades, the ounce of gold fell, and Kennedy Pine formed a good daily downturn. On the daily ounce gold chart, the next target market target is 1221.22.1207. 5. The bullish target for the daily ounces of gold is $ 1236.99.
    In addition, recent market movements have pushed the 4-hour chart below the August high of $ 1223.5, and probably the golden ounce downtrend has been matched to 1214.3 (high of August 28) and $ 1,209. . The $ 1209 rate is matched with a support line drawn from the peak of 1214. $ 3.
    The $ 1214.4 weekly support is good with $ 4,124. $ 3 support. The next bullish target on the ounces of gold is $ 1236.6 a dollar, however, the main resistance of the ounce weekly chart is $ 1260.8.

    Price action strategy

    It is still possible to say that the global ounces market trend is bullish. On this basis, the $ 4,124 support for $ 3,129 or $ 1,209 could be used to buy gold ounces. Note that these two levels are within the daily support area. Which level to enter the purchase deal is still unclear. For this reason, it is recommended that you wait for the purchase of the Purchase Price Sign before entering the purchase deal.

    Gold october 17th 2018 analysis

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