Gold october 26th 2018 analysis

Gold october 26th 2018 analysis

  • Gold october 26th 2018 analysis

    Long-term graphs of global gold ounces are involved with major resistances, which is why there is a possibility of a decline in gold ounces. On a weekly chart, market gestures are at $ 1236.6. This weekly resistance is consistent with the daily ounce of gold at $ 1236. Meanwhile, the top end of the support zone was $ 1,221.22 and the weekly support of $ 1214.4 was against the downside.
    Quarterly supply range 1245 .0-1240. 3 is still the best place to enter an ounce gold deal. The supply region in mid-July 2018 caused a sharp fall in gold ounces and was also close to long-term resistance.

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    Price action strategy

    It’s still possible to sell the ounce of gold from $ 1240 $ 3 to $ 1,245. However, it might be better to wait for a 4-Kundel downhill to form a gold ounce before entering the ounce deal. In terms of profit margins, the sale of gold ounces, a key support of $ 1220, $ 1220, below $ 1221.2, will be the first target for the market.

    Gold october 26th 2018 analysis

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