How to turn 100$ to 1000000$ in Forex?

How to turn 100$ to 1000000$ in forex?

  • How to turn 100$ to 1000000$ in forex?How to turn 100$ to 1000000$ in Forex?

    An online marketplace for attracting Forex traders focuses on those potential traders who have no equity or very little capital. They may claim that you can double $100 in $10000 or within a month for one year. Given this, several questions arise, and most importantly, is it possible at all?

    Possibility vs. Opportunity

    Almost theoretically, there is a possibility of any kind of profit and loss in Forex, but this is not due to its likelihood. What should I do to convert $100 to $10,000 a year? You can analyze this issue with the help of a capital investment return. According to the calculations for doing this, your annual return on investment should be 9,900%!

    You can also set your daily return rate by using a combined profit calculation to achieve a profit of 9.900% by the end of the year. The hybrid profit calculation (we use it as a compilation of earnings calculations) shows that if we make a deal every day of the year (we open and close a position), the average profit in each transaction should be at least 464%, that is, To reach or even approach $ 10,000, you need to more than quadruple your money every day. Do you think this is likely to happen in the real world?

    All the wealth of the world

    If you are still not convinced that this is not only impossible but also beyond any reasonable possibility, look at this from another perspective, from the perspective of the whole wealth that exists in the world. According to an article from MarketWatch in 2016, this amount is about $80.9 trillion. Now suppose that for 100 dollars, several large investment banks with the same 464% daily profits are trading and investing it on a daily basis.

    Now, if we assume that the initial capital of 10 major investment banks is $80 million each, even though these are very large investments, Forex trading daily trading volume is $4 trillion, thus investing only these 10 banks. It will account for 20% of Forex daily trading volume.

    If these big banks have the same 464% daily yield to generate $9900 profit from $100 initial deposit, how much will the money be at the end of the year? According to our calculations, they will have about $80 trillion, which equals the wealth of the whole world.


    It is clear that there is a deceptive logic about starting a business with $ 100 and converting it to $ 10,000, which can be easily verified by analyzing it to its null return rate. While it may seem theoretically possible, the likelihood of occurrence is unlikely.

    Web sites that offer this kind of return or unreasonable return on investment make money with little money and in the short run on Forex. They are fraudsters and fraudsters.

    Look at this, if anyone really knew how to get this kind of return for an investment of $ 100, did you share it with others? This yield is unlikely and irrational in the same proportion as an annual 464% daily profit.

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