List of Forex currency pairs

List of Forex currency pairs

  • This page on Forex TraderNova includes some of the major trading pairs around the world, such as EUR / USD, USD / JPY and GBP / USD, and a list of Forex currency pairs for further information. Forex market offers. Keep reading to get acquainted with the major Forex pairs and find out what factors affect their price movements.

    What are the main Forex currency pairs?

    There is disagreement in the definition of the major Forex pairs, but most traders agree on the Eurodollar, the Yen, the Pound and the Dollar. Some also see the currencies of one side of the US dollar, the euro and the British pound as one of the major currencies. But the ones we mentioned represent the largest volume of trading in this market:

    • EUR / USD
    • USD / JPY
    • GBP / USD
    • USD / CHF

    What are the main Forex currency pairs?


    EUR / USD

    The Euro / US dollar, the “Forex King”, is the most traded currency pair in the world, ordering 23% of FX trading in 2016. The euro and the US dollar represent the two major world economies, the US economy and the US economy. European Union.

    The popularity of the EUR / USD guarantees a wide trading volume. The large volume reduces the price difference between the purchase price and the selling price and ultimately the spread.

    USD / JPY

    The USD / JPY is also known as the “Ninja” and is the second currency pair to be traded. The yen is often used by shipping traders who borrow the yen and invest it in higher-yielding currencies. The Bank of Japan has had to fight inflation and low growth for years, resulting in very low interest rates.

    USD / JPY is also trading at a very high volume, leading to low spreads and high liquidity. The yen is also known among traders as the forex safe margin.

    GBP / USD

    GBP / USD (GBP / USD) has been named “cable” because of the submarine cables previously used for trading between the US and European continents across the Atlantic.

    This Forex currency pair is similar to EUR / USD. Both are highly correlated due to the solidarity of the British economy with the EU. Traders have very good spreads in GBP / USD due to their high liquidity.

    USD / CHF

    USD / CHF (US Swiss / Swiss Franc), nicknamed “Swissy”, derives its popularity from the safe haven situation in Switzerland. When risk / volatility enters the market, traders use the Swiss franc because the Swiss economy has less risk.

    Complete Forex Currency List

    In the table below you can read the complete list of Forex currency pairs along with the spreads and trading conditions that Forex offers and compare with other Forex brokers.

    Currency Pair Spread Bid / Ask (at the time of writing)
    AUDUSD 19 0.68411/0.68430
    EURJPY 22 120.465/120.487
    EURUSD 18 1.10304/1.10322
    GBPJPY 82 140.127/140.209
    GBPUSD 29 1.28329/1.28358
    USDCAD 23 1.32503/1.32526
    USDJPY 19 109.203/109.222
    AUDCAD 51 0.90655/0.90706
    AUDCHF 51 0.68010/0.68061
    AUDNZD 68 1.07941/1.08009
    CADCHF 46 0.75008/0.75054
    CADJPY 45 82.3850/82.4300
    EURNZD 95 1.74045/1.74140
    GBPNZD 298 2.02429/2.02727
    CHFPLN 246 3.89623/3.89869
    GBPSGD 164 1.74641/1.74805
    USDCNH 253 7.00535/7.00788
    USDMXN 995 19.1168/19.1268
    USDSGD 52 1.36082/1.36134
    USDTRY 304 5.77081/5.77385
    USDZAR 1015 14.8366/14.8467
    XAGEUR 84 15.1780/15.2620
    XAGUSD 54 16.7560/16.8100
    XAUEUR 68 1318.42/1319.10
    XAUGBP 73 1132.64/1133.37
    XAUUSD 43 1454.33/1454.76

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