Parabolic sar expert advisor free download

Parabolic sar expert advisor free download

  • Another fascinating expert advisor that we intend for free download and use for all users on this site is Forex parabolic sar expert advisor for MetaTrader. In one of Tradernova earlier articles, we discussed the Parabolic Strategy for Forex, if you have read and are familiar with what is best, but for those loved ones who may be familiar with this name and indicator for the first time, Then we go to the features of Magical Parabolic sar EA and download it.

    What is a Parabolic Magic Star?

    Parabolic indicator is one of the most famous exponential indicators that is installed by default on most trading platforms in the world. By installing it on any trading chart, you will see a series of dotted lines moving alongside the price. Sometimes this point in China goes below the price and sometimes it flies above it.

    In specific explanations for this indicator, we wrote in detail that when the indicator dots above the candle stick, we are in a downtrend and when the dots are down, we are in an uptrend. .

    Introduction to Parabolic Sar Forex Expert

    This expert, who can be downloaded from the bottom box, uses the same parabolic indicator we have described as the basis of his calculations. On the other hand it is equipped with all kinds of trading settings, trading sessions, Martingale capability, types of alarms and adjustable alarms.

    • Easy to use and monitor
    • Full customizability in Parabolic settings
    • Set head-to-head points, loss limit, profit limit and stop trailing
    • Trading capability in ECN and non-ECN brokers
    • Trade ability in currency pairs and assets of 2, 3, 4 and 5 decimal places
    • Ability to close the transaction when the signal is exported in the opposite direction
    • Ability to martingle and reverse martingale in magic parabolic expert trading
    • Filtering transactions in custom trading sessions
    • Complete and principled capital management in Expert

    How does this ea trade?

    This parabolic expert works with the following four behaviors:

    How does this ea trade

    1. Normal: Buy when issuing bullish signal and selling at bearish signal
    2. Reverse: Buying the bearish signal and selling the bullish signal
    3. Buy Only: Only buys on the upside signals and has nothing to do with the downside signals.
    4. Sell Only: Sells only on the downside signals and has nothing to do with the upside signals.

    For example, you can see the performance of this incredibly powerful expert in the above histories. Of course we recommend that you first test this expert on demo and demo accounts before trading with real money. Past results No expert guarantees future results.

    Magic Parabolic Sar Expert

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