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  • How to instal and run the Xaaron EA

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    Installation :
    1. Click to File>Open Data Folder as shown on below picture.
    Xaaron expert advisor-3
    2. copy  Xaaron EA .ex4 file to MQL4/Experts
    3. Restart your Metatrader, then choose EURUSD and GBPUSD and click for 5M time frame.
    4.Open Navigator page -> Expert Advisor -> Xaaron EA to your chart.
    5.Click on the “Tools” menu and then select “Options, as shown in this
    6. BE SURE to that you have checked and unchecked the boxes EXACTLY as shown below.
    Xaaron expert advisor-4
    Xaaron EA will not run if this step is not performed properly. Note that the box to the left of “Enable Expert Advisors (except for Custom Indicators and Scripts” MUST be checked.
    Note that the box to the left of “Allow live trading” MUST be checked. Note that the box to the left of “Allow DLL imports” MUST be checked.
    Note that the box to the left of “Confirm DLL function calls” MUST be un-checked.
    7. Activate Expert Advisor Button.
    8. After placing Xaaron EA on the chart, you should see a smiley face in the
    upper right hand corner of your chart. This means the robot is running.

    Lots: The value of lotsize.Order will be placed with the Lots size set here.Ea will place first lot on this lotsize.

    MultiplierLot: multiply your lotsize with this value on each negative trade.
    StepOpenOrders: EA open position on this step on negative diraction.This value is in pips
    TakeProfit: Order will be closed when TakeProfit matches Pips.
    UseTrailing: Default is false. Change to true if you allow trailing.
    TrailingStep: This value define the trailing step. EA will trail on this value after price come in to trail stop.
    TrailingStop: EA will start traing from this value in pips.
    Slipage: Maximum allowed slippage in pips.

    Download expert advisor: Xaaron EA

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